About Us


The Southern Manitoba Western Style Dressage club promotes the sport of Western Style Dressage to all breeds, levels and ages of riders. This is a fun, interactive way to train, socialize, and learn with your horse.


Western Style Dressage is new to Canada, and in 2015 SMWSD was created to provide rider’s of all ages with an equestrian sport to learn the principles of dressage riding with the use of western tack. We focus on providing training opportunities & competitions for equestrian athletes and horses at all levels.  

Western Dressage tests are to demonstrate communication between the horse and the rider. The tests are designed with progressive movements to demonstrate the developing skill of the horse and rider. As the horse and rider advances, the levels get challenging.

As a promoter of the sport in the province of Manitoba, we are here to make sure our members have access to educational events, clinics, shows and social activities. We are always open to suggestions so we would love to hear from you!